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TEE TIMES                 262-780-5200

Renovations are complete!

Changes that were made throughout this entire project:

  1. Major Tree Work – Over 100 trees were taken out. It is sad to see some trees go, but for safety reasons they were required to come down. We have planted new trees already on #1 and #5 and there is a plan to add many more as time goes on.
  2. Cart Paths – Cart paths have been added around all 18 holes. This provides the option of ALWAYS having carts available even when the course is wet.
  3. Reconstruction of Sand Traps – We reconstructed all bunkers including new drainage and new sand! Some bunkers were transformed into grass bunkers based on our Architects’ vision of the course design.
  4. Hole #5 – From 75 yards into the green was cleaned up and reseeded making the fairway wider. The old cart path and railroad ties were taken out and patched. We also cleaned the area to the right of the green down the big hill. That hill was filled in with the leftover soil from the cart paths and bunkers so it is not so steep. It has been seeded and grass is already growing.
  5. Course & Clubhouse signage – We added all new hole signs, directional signs, course rules and cart rules signs on the 1st and 10th tee boxes, and many more.


What to expect in 2018:

  1. Partial Ladies Restroom Renovation in ClubhouseWe have plans to renovate the Ladies Restroom inside the clubhouse during this offseason. This winter we will be making partials updates with final completion to be over the winter months of 2018-19.
  2. Yardage numbers on cart pathsWe will be adding 100, 150, & 200 yard markers to the new cart paths. This will make it easier if there is a cart path only rule to help determine your distance.
  3. Walking bridge between #1 & #9 This will help pace of play for those who walk when it comes to having to cross the creeks. It will also assist again, when cart path only rules are in effect.

We invite you to come out to see all of the changes we have made!