TEE TIMES                 262-780-5200

TEE TIMES                 262-780-5200


We would like to thank the following outings for being sponsors of our Junior Golf Programs. This fund goes towards better equipment, facilities, instruction, uniforms, and opportunities for the junior involved in our growing junior golf programming.


New Berlin West Ladies Basketball Golf Outing   9.11.2016

Wauwatosa West Athletics Golf Outing   9.18.2016

Wilson Elementary/WSTEM Golf Outing   5.13.2017

Levi’s Life, Love, & Laughter Golf Outing    6.11.2017

SIM Wisconsin Golf Outing   7.21.2017

BMI Golf Outing   7.22.2017

Mary Kate Sullivan Golf Outing   8.6.2017

Al Stigler Memorial Golf Outing   8.17.2017

Jeff Setz Memorial Golf Outing   8.20.2017